Welcome to Taylor Hayes Inc.

We are a fully staffed manufacturers representative firm. We have strong partnerships with vendors as well as retailers. We have been a premier representative firm since 1981 with offices in Buffalo, NY, Cleveland, OH, Rochester, NY, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL and New Orleans, LA. We also can provide warehousing out of Buffalo, NY.

We specialize in consumer goods with a primary focus on recreational and hardware products. Currently we represent products that are manufactured in over 12 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

A Message From Rich Taylor

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my company. If you have a great product and want to expose it to "Big-Box" retailers or "Specialty" dealers, give us a call. We'd be honored to look at your product. We'll take the time to discuss a strategy on how we might be able to improve your existing vision.

My customers know that Taylor Hayes Inc. will only show products that have a great potential for profitability. Not just for the manufacturer but ultimately the retailer who puts your product on the shelves. This simple concept is my entire business model and it has been working for over 30 years. We do not charge service fees, we simply work on a competitive flat-rate commission. This way, the only time you need to pay us is when we're making money for you.

We have a sales team with working relationships at most of the large retail companies in the USA and Canada. Our primary territory includes the entire East Coast, Midwest and Southern USA. We also service Canadian retailers with corporate headquarters in Ontario and Quebec. Many of our vendors have specific restrictions on territories and prefer to not have multiple dealers in the same market. We always strive to meet our customers demands and not skirt around them.

We have our own in-house design team that can develope brochures, sales sheets, websites and catalogues if these materials are not already available. We can suggest optimal pricing and provide research such as shop & compare analysis of your product compared to your competitors products. These services are often performed at no cost to the vendor. This is because these services are necessary for us to be successful at selling your product.

I also want to invite all retailers to view some of the products that we represent on the Our Products page, please call us if you want to learn more about our products or to simply ask us a question. If there is a product that you need, we probably already know manufacturers that can produce it.